OutLook on OutReach Devotional Materials Prayer Forum

OutLook on OutReach looks at the many ways that our Lord is using His people to reach out to people everywhere, touching lives with God’s love, care, and grace!  Enter

Devotionals - to help you become aware of the things of God; to receive our Lord’s message of hope and salvation; to grow in faith; and to be encouraged in your walk with Christ Jesus, as you are pointed to God’s Word, the Bible. Enter

Prayer Forum - You're encouraged to join us for prayer. Various requests and prayers are posted to draw us together, as we are invited to come into the courts of our God and Creator, praying for one another, and for those who are serving Him. Enter


UNI is a Christian ministry that is totally listener-supported, and using volunteer help to maintain its operations. That means that 100% of your support goes towards meeting expenses for its day-to-day ministry, as well as, to developing alternative means for outreach.

Your prayers and support would be so encouraging to us, as we desire to honor God as stewards of His work. Make "OutLook" part of your "OutReach" to the world!

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