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 UNI News is committed to covering current news stories that are often omitted from standard broadcast news reports, of particular interest to all of  those concerned with moral and/or spiritual issues. These stories are reported in a factual, non-biased, and non-sensationalistic manner, as, "The Rest of the News," to keep you informed of issues worthy of consideration and prayer.

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  The Rest of the News for June 23 - 29, 2019

World Vision Instrumental in ‘Historic’ New Global Water Campaign

World Vision announced a new $100 million commitment as part of a new international campaign to create better conditions for health centers across the globe as millions face increased risk of infection in impoverished nations. (Full Story)

SOAR International Partners with Local Churches and Orphanages in Russia to Send Bibles and Gifts to Children in Need

SOAR’s outreach ministry, Baskets of Hope, provides toys, winter gear, hygiene supplies, and school essentials to Russian children who don’t have access to these resources. (Full Story)

Thousands of Christians March for Jesus in France

Thousands of French Christians took the streets to participate in a new edition of the Marche pour Jesus (March for Jesus). (Full Story)

Supreme Court Says 40-foot Tall Maryland WWI Memorial Cross Can Remain on Public Property

The United States Supreme Court has ruled that a 40-foot tall cross erected on public property in Maryland does not violate the Establishment Clause of the Constitution. (Full Story)

Chick-fil-A, with a Mission to ‘Glorify God,’ Is Now 3rd Largest Restaurant in U.S.

A restaurant that has a corporate mission to “glorify God” is officially the third-largest restaurant in the United States. (Full Story)

Latest Family Film from Faith-Driven Filmmaker Hits Netflix

The family film that went under the radar for most audiences hits Netflix where millions can enjoy it. “Running for Grace” tells of a spirited teenager who faces discrimination in Hawaii in the 1920s. Fighting for what matters, he changes the community around him. (Full Story)

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Last updated on ...June 22, 2019