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 UNI News is committed to covering current news stories that are often omitted from standard broadcast news reports, of particular interest to all of  those concerned with moral and/or spiritual issues. These stories are reported in a factual, non-biased, and non-sensationalistic manner, as, "The Rest of the News," to keep you informed of issues worthy of consideration and prayer.

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  The Rest of the News for August 18-24, 2019

300 Churches Have Teamed Up with World Relief to Fight Ebola

The Democratic Republic of the Congo has felt the bitter sting of the Ebola virus, and with the help of Christian nonprofit World Relief, 300 churches in the country are fighting back. (Full Story)

Chinese Government Removes Word 'Bible'From Iconic Kids Novel 'Robinson Crusoe,' Arrests People Selling Audio Bibles in Latest Crackdown

Authorities in China have continued to crack down on the Christian faith, this time by erasing faith-based words from children’s stories contained within school workbooks. (Full Story)

37 Percent of Public School Teachers Are Evangelical Christians, Poll Finds

More than one-third of public school teachers are evangelical Christians, according to a new survey that also found the general public supports Bible classes in school. (Full Story)

Children’s Love for Storytelling Makes Them Effective Witnesses for Christ

When children learn stories, they tend to tell stories. One of the things we’ve observed all over the world is how children can have a significant role in the spreading of the Gospel. (Full Story)

Most Churchgoers Say They Spend Their Day Seeking God

American Protestant churchgoers say God is on their mind throughout their day in both intentional and impromptu moments. (Full Story)

Study: Americans Now View Churches More Positively than Tech Companies

A new Pew Research Center study has revealed that Americans have radically changed their opinions on tech companies. (Full Story)

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