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Gospel for Asia’s "Jesus Wells" Providing Pure Water Where Millions Die Each Year from Water-related Diseases

Gospel for Asia reminds us of the serious need in many parts of the world for clean, pure water. GFA reports: "Imagine drinking a large glass of ice water on a 95-degree-day. In first-world countries, it's easy to satisfy your thirst with a cool beverage. But, worldwide, 1 in 9 people don't have access to clean water. Their "refreshing" drink looks more like what you'd find in a dirty fish bowl. Children and adults collect drinking water at contaminated wells and stagnant ponds, contracting deadly waterborne diseases. But, lack of access to water is due to more than just poverty. In India, Dalits, also known as the ‘Untouchables’ and Christians are often barred from community water sources by their society, forcing them to drink water from contaminated sources. According to the United Nations Development Program, these people are often the most affected by water-related health problems because they are, ‘systematically excluded from water access by their poverty, by their limited legal rights or by public policies that limit access to the infrastructures that provide water for life and for livelihoods.’"

Gospel for Asia, through its outreach called "Jesus Wells," is providing pure water for entire villages full of thirsty people across South Asia, allowing anyone, even the poorest and most discriminated people -- like the Dalits -- to draw clean water.


In places where people drink stagnant water from muddy holes in the ground, a "Jesus Well" is a precious gift. Women who once had to walk miles to a water source can now gather around a community well near them. "Jesus Wells" not only represent clean, healthy water, but Gospel For Asia uses it as a tremendous witness opportunity to present the water of the Gospel that Jesus offers - water that, whoever drinks of it will never thirst - "a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life" John 4:14.

Pastor Abhik shares his experience of when he was led to such a village, which had a huge need for water. Not only were these people part of the 163 million in South Asia who lack access to clean water, but the vast majority were also in need of the true Living Water: Jesus Christ. Abhik knew a solution.

He arranged to have a Jesus Well drilled for the needy villagers. Open to all, high- or low-caste, the well brought much joy -- and curiosity.

"What does a Jesus Well mean? What is written on it?" The questions poured out as water flowed for the daily visitors. Pastor Abhik happily answered their inquiries as he shared about the love of God. He explained John 4:13 &14, the verse written on each "Jesus Well," and how Jesus Christ can give water that will cure spiritual thirst forever.

"The Lord has answered my prayer," a villager by the name of Shaunak jubilantly declared. "We were badly grieved, but now we are happy because we have a well for our group."

The more-than-30 families there now have access to clean water, and many are now followers of Christ because of the love they saw demonstrated through the well.


Please pray that the Jesus Well projects will spread rapidly, providing hundreds more villages with clean water. Pray that God will bless the efforts of the teams installing the wells, keeping the drilling equipment free from damage and the workers safe and healthy. And, as the wells start producing water, pray that many more may experience the living water of Jesus Christ!

For more information on the ministry of Gospel for Asia, go to gfa.org.

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