America? One of the world’s largest mission fields?

American Christians have helped evangelize people in countries all over the world. Now it seems, the favor is about to be returned. Some Christians in Africa, especially, believe they need to send missionaries to America. And, an American Christian leader agrees. “The Christian Post,” says that the leader of Intervarsity Christians Fellowship, Alec Hill, said of the U.S., “We certainly are no longer the center of the universe in terms of the Christian world.”

Hill said that Europe is already receiving foreign evangelists, and among foreign mission organizations, he said, “I think there’s recognition in many of these countries that they need to send more missionaries here.” Oscar Muriu is senior pastor of The Nairobi Chapel in Kenya. He believesthat America is the third largest mission field and the third largest pagan country in the world.

If you’re an American, how do you feel about this report? Are you offended? You don’t know what to think? Or maybe your saying, “Right on - send those missionaries right over. For older Americans, it isn’t hard to see the vast changes in culture and morality and spirituality over the last few decades. There’s no doubt Americans are religious, according to many different polls. But those same polls show they aren’t really Christians by Christ’s own definition as found in John 3:16.

Maybe we American Christians have failed the Lord, or maybe our countrymen just won’t listen to us anymore. Jesus once said a prophet is without honor in his hometown. And sure enough, he was driven out of town by his own neighbors. If we’re living the real Christian life and sharing with our neighbors, and the spiritual decline of the country continues, then maybe the same applies to us. If our neighbors are ignoring our messages about Christ, then don’t you say, bring on those missionaries?

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