Some Florida high school students stand up for their faith at a graduation ceremony.

Nearly 400 graduating seniors at a Florida high school stood up in protest against the ACLU and recited the Lord’s Prayer during their recent graduation ceremony.  Many of the Pace High School students,from Florida, also painted crosses on their graduation caps to make a statement about their faith.  The ACLU had filed a lawsuit against the Santa Rosa county school district claiming some of the teachers and administrators endorsed religion.  The students at Pace High School refused to remain silent and they were not about to be bullied by the ACLU, they said.  So Liberty Counsel came to their legal aide.

Mat Staver, who is the founder of Liberty Counsel, said “Neither students nor teachers shed their constitutional rights at the schoolhouse gate. The students at Pace High School refused to remain silent and were not about to be bullied by the ACLU. We have decided to represent faculty, staff and students of Pace High School, because the ACLU is clearly violating their first amendment rights. Schools are not religion-free zones, and any  attempt to make them so is unconstitutional.”

This all started from students having some convictions.  They are the ones who made the difference in this case.  Isn’t it to their credit that they are standing up for their Constitutional rights.  We tend to have a view of youngsters today as rebellious and sucked into the new society with no morals.  But here’s a group that clearly isn’t.

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